Migration and Development

While poverty and underdevelopment are recognized as drivers of migration, development and economic growth are increasingly being documented as positive outcomes of migration. Due to the attachment of migrants to their country of origin and the people they leave behind, many migrants maintain some form of relationship with their homeland. Remittances are, perhaps, the most obvious form. For instance, many African families rely on remittances sent by migrant relatives to cover their living expenses. Additionally, the increase in cash transfers has shown that not only do families benefit from remittances, but also states have recognised the influence of foreign currency flows on national economic development. Intergovernmental organizations, like the African Union and the European Union, have given importance to cash transfer management, taking into account the benefits provided by remittances as well as recommendations on how to regulate illicit cash flows.

Thus, good migration policies are needed to fully realize the positive impacts of migration.

The Migration Policy Framework for Africa and Plan of Action (2018-2030) consider the potential contribution of migration to economic growth. The MPFA highlights the role of migrants in development through its pillars and cross-cutting issues, namely Diaspora Engagement, and Migration and Development. Since the benefits of migration, in the forms of remittances, information transfer and more, align with the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2063, stakeholders need to include the relationship between migration and development as a central dialogue subject.  

Recognizing the importance of understanding the nexus between migration and development, FES-AMPC aims to facilitate further dialogues.

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